Monday, June 30, 2014

The spam email problem and what to do about it

The spam email problem and what to do about it

Each day we are continuously bombarded with unsolicited   spam emails.  

The vast majority of these unsolicited spam emails are being sent from Google Gmail accounts  
 but we do occasionally get them from various internet domain names.

The other thing we noticed is that nearly all of the spam emails are coming out of India. We do not get these types of spam emails from China, Russia, Africa or any other part of the world for that matter. We do not know for sure why of all the countries in the world this is such a problem stemming from India 

For starters this is a serious problem for a few different reasons. First off it is bad for the environment because web servers gobble up a lot of energy and so spam email is wasting those resources.  

Secondly, this damages the economy because of lost time spent dealing with spam. Time spent dealing with unsolicited spam is time that cannot be used to earn a living and create wages and business growth.

Last but not least most of these emails are scammy in nature. They propose link building strategies, getting you on the first page of Google, and the list goes on. Fact is, if these spammers knew how to get something on the first page of Google they would be on the first page of Google and would not need to be sending all this unsolicited spam LOL!!!

What we need here is for people to understand that there are resources to deal with this and we need to make more effort to combat the spam. Combatting the spam problem is the only reasonable way we can expect to see anything improve.

Any spam email that you receive from a Gmail email account should be forwarded immediately to In the title just put, "Reporting spam email on Gmail account." Above the forwarded spam email just be sure to tell Google that you are complaining about this Gmail account sending unsolicited spam email. From there we can hope that Google will do their part to block the account and even the user IP.

Any unsolicited spam email from Gmail or any other source should ALSO immediately be forwarded to the U.S. government so that they can also take action. Just forward the unsolicited spam email to and in the title just put something like, "Formal complaint submission on spam email" and above the forwarded spam email once again just let them know that you are complaining about this spam email being sent to you. From there we can hope the government will take appropriate action.

I know it takes time to report these but let's work as a team to help combat this problem.

If you have any questions about dealing with or how to report unsolicited spam email please post your questions right in this thread.

You can visit this link to read more helpful information about dealing with the spam email problem:

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