Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All About Graphics Design

All About Graphics Design

There are many things to do in starting your business online or when you decide to advertise online. Besides the web page and basic structure and all the process involved in the making and maintaining your page, one important factor that you should focus on is Graphics and Design. Remember the goal is to produce a finished product that will effectively communicate a specific message to the intended target audience. Here is an outline of the process.

I.  Design Elements and Concepts

1. Layout
2. Typography
3. Line
4. Shape
5. Negative Space
6. Volume
7. Value
8. Color
9. Texture

II. Design Process and Methodology

1.    Interview
2.    Research
3.    Brain Storming
4.    Conceptual Sketches
5.    Sketch Collaboration
6.    Rough Draft Development
7.    Rough Draft Collaboration
8.    Final Design
9.    Final Design Collaboration
10.  Final Revisions

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