Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All About Logos

All About Logos

A business without a Logo is no business at all. The identity and sometimes the success of a business or an organization are in its Logo. It is uncommon to see Logo’s changing that is why much emphasis is placed in its making.  What is a Good Logo? And how do you make one?

I.             Qualities of a Logo
·         Logo qualities

II.            Logo Types
·         Font based Logos
·         Icon Based Logos
·         Tag line Logos

III.          Color Palette
·         Selecting from the color palette

IV.          Font Styles
·         Selecting the right font
·         Selecting the look and feel

V.           Logo Design Methodology
·         Step one: Information gathering
·         Step two:  Research
·         Step three: Hand drawn sketches
·         Step four: Computer drafts
·         Step five: Drafts collaboration
·         Step six: Finalized design

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